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Size Guide

BLVCK. Described as the diamond in the rough wrist piece from Kreshendo London. Inspired whilst working as an engineer in West London, Mr K designed the first wrist piece from his van, creating BLVCK. Made from Diamond Cut Onyx and naturally oiled / textured Lava beads. This bracelet is a representation of Mr K's journey and has remained as a signature piece in the collection.

Each piece is carefully strung and polished to perfection then finished with our gold or silver details by our in house artisans.

  • Naturally oiled Lava segments
  • 1mm THICK stretch cord for security
  • Semi precious wrist addition
  • Rotating charm clasp
  • Handmade and designed in London
  • Delivered in our signature Kreshendo London box



Type: Bracelet

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Sizing Guide

Standard Bracelet Sizes

The best way to get an accurate and comfortable fit for your bracelet is to measure your wrist using a strip of paper, wrap it around your wrist, mark it then measure using a ruler or you can use and print off the template below.

S/M - Small / Medium - Wrist size between 4 - 8 inches

M/L - Medium / Large - Wrist size 8 - 10+ inches



Print off this ruler below from this page or use this link


Any further querires please email us using the contact page or at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Ruler template.